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We launched with a single aim: To provide families access to the same, high-quality background checks available to companies throughout America.

While running Veritable Screening, a pre-employment background screening firm, we received many requests from friends to run background checks on nannies, tutors, maids, and caregivers. As parents, we understood the importance of safety but saw that families didn’t have access to the same level of background checks employers used for their new hires. It simply didn’t make sense that families were limited to inferior background checks when the safety of their most precious loved ones was at stake. And thus was born.

As the parents of two beautiful children, we strongly believe in the safety of our communities, offer a wide breadth of screening options and take no shortcuts in the work that we do. If you’re looking for the cheapest background check available, we aren’t the company for you. There are plenty of cheap, instant background checks available, but our corporate clients don’t use them and neither should you.

Also, unlike many background screening companies that are owned by private equity or are publicly traded, we don’t have to put profits first.  We pride ourselves on being a founder owned company with a strong set of Core Values which means that we can focus on the quality of our work and not prioritize the bottom line.

Finally, we are passionate about protecting the most vulnerable among us so please visit our Resources Page.  A high quality background check is only one leg of the safety stool and there are many resources available to help keep your children and elderly parents safe.

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Dan and Jay Kim

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