Nanny Pleads Guilty to Stealing $280,000 from Family that Trusted Her to Care for their Children urges families to run a comprehensive background check on all caregivers, including nannys and caretakers for elderly., a nationwide service that gives families quick and effective tools to conduct high quality background checks on caregivers, would like to remind parents that abuse by caretakers is far too common – and while difficult to recover from, it is often easy to avoid.

According to an article in the Boston Globe, A former nanny pleaded guilty to federal bank fraud charges for stealing more than $280,000 from the couple she worked for and spending it on diamond necklaces, high-end watches, a truck, and trips to the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Disney World.

More alarming, is that the nanny has a criminal background that could have been uncovered in a comprehensive check through

In 2007, she was caught using credit cards she had stolen, and in 2012 she was convicted of larceny.

“We see this unfortunate type of incident far too often,” said Dan Kim, Founder and CEO of “Families are victimized, and suffer through the trauma of financial, physical or emotional abuse by a trusted caregiver.”

According to Child Help, over 3 million cases of child abuse or neglect are reported each year. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) states that over 2 million older adults suffer from some form of abuse each year.

“We can make a great impact on this societal problem and significantly lower the incidence of child and elder abuse by simply conducting a comprehensive background check on those we trust to care for our loved ones,” Kim stated. “It’s sad to think that we put more time into buying a car than we do into whom to trust with the care of our family members.”

Complicating the issue is that all background checks are not equal. Some are not comprehensive, and others may even violate state laws. is a division of Veritable Screening, one of the leading background check companies in America, serving major corporations and prominent organizations, with an impeccable record of integrity and service. has packages that meet or exceed the standards established by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, and gives families vital information including criminal records, fraud convictions, employment checks and license verifications, so they can make informed decisions about granting unfettered access to their family and their homes.

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