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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Veritable more expensive than instant background checks on the internet?

Oftentimes, you get what you pay for. Instant background checks usually rely solely on databases, which are prone to errors since information from the 3,000+ counties in the U.S. varies greatly. Veritable does use databases, but our approach is different in two ways:

  • First, we use databases only in conjunction with direct county courthouse searches, which can uncover convictions/arrests not caught by databases. The members of the APNA and our corporate clients do not rely solely on database checks and neither should you. Click Here for the APNA’s standards
  • Second, we confirm positive hits from databases at the primary source, usually the county courthouse. Often, information from databases can be incomplete so checking with the court provides additional information on a crime and helps confirm whether your applicant is the perpetrator.

Finally, it is often illegal to use instant background checks for employment purposes per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”). Why? Because they operate outside of the FCRA and are not held to the same standards of data accuracy and consumer protections. Try reading the fine print on their websites or you may notice that they direct you to another site for employment background checks.

Also, our pricing includes ALL additional fees (except for ME, VT, and NY). Other providers may pass these on later in the process so, again, please read the fine print.

Why do you need the last four digits of my Social Security Number?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires us to verify the identity of end users of background checks and the last four digits of your SSN is solely used for that purpose.

I’m concerned about identity theft. How do I know all of my information is secure?

Information, and securing that information, is of utmost importance to us. We utilize a state-of-the-art data center with multiple layers of security and all of our data transmissions utilize 128-bit encryption. All credit card data is sent directly to our credit card provider,, and your payment is processed under Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). As such, Veritable DOES NOT retain ANY credit card information.

Is it really necessary to get my nanny/ caregiver to provide consent before running the background check? What if my applicant feels uncomfortable signing the consent form?

Getting consent from the subject of a background check is required by law. If your nanny/caregiver feels uncomfortable, it may be a red-flag. Please note that we DO NOT check for immigration status or eligibility to work in the United States, nor do we pass on any information to any third parties.

What information do you collect from my nanny/caregiver and will I see any of that information?

At a minimum, we will collect your applicant’s social security number, date of birth, and address. The report will mask the first 5 digits of the social security number so you will never see their full social security number.

Can I run a credit report on my nanny/caregiver? does not offer employment credit reports for nanny/caregivers.  Also, many states and cities limit the use of credit reports for employment purposes.

What if my caregiver doesn’t have an email address or is not technically savvy?

Unfortunately, our platform is all electronic. We’d suggest you help your nanny/caregiver sign up for an email address and help them through the process.

Are there any additional fees?

No. Many government agencies charge court access fees, but all your fees are included in our package prices. If you’re looking at our competitors, definitely check to see if all fees are included in their quote.

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