Nanny Background Checks: What Families Should Know

Upon finding a nanny they really like, many families are tempted to forego nanny background checks. Some families fear insulting the nanny while others simply no longer feel it is necessary to run a check once they become excited about having located their idea of the “perfect nanny.”

Unfortunately, skipping the nanny background check is a dangerous mistake. Allowing someone to come into your home and care for your loved ones is a big responsibility. It is a parent’s job to ensure they know who they are allowing to care for their children, and running a background check is a key step to not only finding the right nanny, but also starting a professional relationship built on trust and security.

All too often we hear families say, “She seemed really nice, so we didn’t think it was necessary to run a background check,” or “I didn’t want our nanny to think we didn’t trust her.”

The fact is, professional nannies, just as a teachers or daycare providers, understand that background checks are a required part of finding a job. These nannies will respect the family for being professional and diligent in their hiring process. If a nanny is interested in a family’s position, but is not willing to consent to a check, this should be a red flag to the hiring family. The real questions families should be asking are,  “Why wouldn’t my nanny want me to run a background check?” and “Do I really want someone looking after my children who isn’t willing to consent to a nanny background check?” We all know that our children are the most important part of our lives, so taking the easy extra step to run a background check should not be dismissed for fear of losing a nanny candidate.

With background check screening tools, families can truly enjoy the sense of security that they are hiring a safe and trustworthy nanny. For additional information, please visit our website at: