Caregiver Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

caregivers warm‘Tis the season to warm our hearts with touching stories of people doing for others. Here are a few examples of caregivers doing just that.

♥A live-in nanny who rescued a boy trapped in his room by flames from a house fire.

♥An elder care assistant who came up with an idea to brighten the days of the seniors she visits. She delivers faux pearl necklaces to the women she sees.

♥A California nanny who put a 2-year-old’s safety before her own when she pulled a little girl “from the jaws of a coyote” when it attacked in a local park.

♥A nanny rescued a little boy who had fallen into the pool but was unable to save herself.

♥The Crown Princess of Norway, Mette-Marit who flew to India to care for newborn twins born to the surrogate mother of a gay palace employee until the employee and his husband could obtain their travel visas.

♥A nanny who managed to get herself and a little boy out of a parked car before a carjacker took off with it.

And then there’s Fran Drescher from the TV Show, The Nanny, who tells one of the children in her care, “It’s true, I do get paid to take care of you. But I don’t get paid extra for loving you. And I do.”

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